Let me explain a few things

FIRST LET ME SAY SORRY FOR SUCH A LONG LONG RANT BUT STAY WITH ME AND READ THIS PLEASE!!AFTER THE LAST SEVERAL DAYS FUCK MYLIFE JUST LET ME SAY I LOVE JOKES AND I GET THAT SOME FOLKS CAN’T UNDERSTAND THIS AND TAKE ME THE WRONG WAY..BUT ON the other end of things Also know that if I respond to something I’m not always being serious. Also I can and do joke but some folks get those panties in a bunch and fly off the handle and say people are twisting words, they are liars when they dont even talk to that person to whom they took offense over their reply or opinion and find out if they were serious or joking …

Now I want to say something about me and fb heck the world even .

1st off anyone who really knows me knows im always out to make someone laugh or get a smile on someone’s face I’m not always serious if your not sure ask me .

I also get known as or called a smartass a bitch at times probably because my joke was taken wrong.

I just want to say that some people think that they can post their opinions on facebook and not expect to hear other peoples or like their responses because even though I or they was joking you took it the wrong way like they were being serious when they weren’t.

Thats not the way this world,country or fb works anymore. If it comes across my page im entitled to disagree with you or respond to you jokingly or seriously whichever way it maybe If you choose too.

You dont have to like my opinion or response and vise versa, but please before you fly off take me wrong message me if its an opinion and I post to something you posted story or otherwise, delete the comment orΒ  if you don’t like it hit unlike or unfollow its not gonna hurt my feelings.

Be you family friend or stalker idc do what you have to. I’m to damned old to act like a high school kid I dont pick and choose family members theybare my family and I love them not matter what.

NOW my friends whole ither story .. Ive got friends that drive fords support obama dont like donald trump or like the same football team.

But i want everyone to know I TREAT OTHERS THE WAY THEY TREAT ME ! Thats fine we dont all have to be alike. Thats the beauty of it all in todays world .

But what i want to say is if we are friends on fb rather you befriended me or i asked you. I consider you my friends and some are family members ! If its not mutual or you dont like my opinion on something and your gonna get pissed i respond and don’t agree with you to just hit delete right now and do us both a favor.

Im tired of fakes, I’m tired of people trying to kick that chair out from under me and tare me down! Like i said if we are friends true friends i sometimes consider those few friends family .

My family even if they don’t like or claim me sorry your family but we can have different opinions on life and other things. And I am entitled to be me at any time I can joke and try to make you smile you can choose to not smile and take what I ment as a joke to light your day and make it into something its not!

Its that simple so come on peeps lets be the adults we should be !! #GROWUP #makepeoplesmile #Beniceyoumaybethereasonsomeoneistillalive #stopbeingmiserableinlifeyouhavethatright #besomeonesreasontosmile


THIS IS SOMETHING I HAVE WANTED TO SAY TO EVERYONE FOR A VERY LONG TIME BUT KEPT THIS IN DRAFTS UNTIL THIS PAST WEEK EVERYTHING SEEMS TO HAVE JUST POURED DOWN OR CRASHED ON MY HEAD!!! Now they say god only gives you what you can handle well as much as I love and trust in the lord I can only handle life for so long before I crack but you know what I have decided my life is so much more and I won’t give up Im6 going to keep going and if people want to leave my life because they don’t like how or who I am sorry to loose ya but life’s a climb and I’m going to enjoy it with or without those who choose to to leave me nothing I can do if you want to go !

Custom Carved Cakes Designed By Me!

So as many know by now I was holding off on sharing some news, and now because whatever happened it fell through so I won’t share all that like I wanted to I was so very excited ..

Now I am very disappointed, however all the work that went into making this cake happen wasn’t easy !

While I am glad we done it, the rest that was supposed to happen along with it all if it had actually ended up happening, as it was supposed to be pictures of my custom carved cake designs and my story about the cakes I’m doing would have been published.

But it didn’t happen due to some unforeseen issues that happened , and it didn’t get published so all I have is photos we took ourselves, along with good memories and new friends and a great time.

However, I didn’t let this stop me and we went on to work together and make another cake a white baby grand piano!

I couldn’t have been happier with how it turned out and we delivered it to the Balloon festival location Dietrich Il.

I later found out that a lady who does hair in the same town by the name of Chris not sure of her last name but she seen the cake, and was telling her customers that they should have seen the cake that she seen at the festival the weekend before. When my friend who happened to be there with her client (because she is an in home care provider for people) says well what was the cake can I ask? She said it was a big piano cake these people were carrying it and I wanted to ask could I have a slice but I was afraid to ask.

Well my friend Audra said that was our cake and is laughing she said my friend made it!! She then suggested maybe contacting their local news paper, well again I done as was asked and never heard back from them go figure .

So on to the next one I have a couple of custom carved cakes that I’m thinking about doing. One is a fully carved cake a Shelby Gt Mustang, that’s a whole new level on cakes for me because it doesnt have any wood work. It is fully carved from cake and detailed out windows, mirror the back wing across the trunk hood scoop, mufflers pin stripping or designs on the side tires the whole ball of wax when done it looks like a large scale model car . The other will be undisclosed at this time! Only know that it will be another musical instrument once I get the ok to do said instrument the fun will begin 😏.

So, starting next year will be a whole new level of cake being done by myself .

This years hometown throw down in Stewardson was cancelled, I guess due to lack of interest and the person who organized it was busy opening a new business of her own. So rather than try to organize the event and try to open a new business she cancelled until next year.

So stay tuned for new cakes that I will be doing next yeaar !!

How Well Do You Know Me !

How well do you know me?? It’s a pretty simple question, but not many can say , my friend, my sister, my aunt, partner in crime, my wife, my sister n law …I KNOW YOU WELL!!

You see I recently found that there has been someone who loves to use my name and say well she said this or she said that!

Well let me set you straight on a few things that you all don’t know!!Because plain and simple, ” I’M NOT THAT GIRL!!! A very long time ago and I mean a long time ago I might have been the person to say things or tell things I shouldn’t have but I was a child when that happened, and now I am a grown woman!

One who loves her family beyond belief, one who no matter how badly she is treated still loves them and no matter how many whispered words there are about what you think I am or have been at one point or another.

No matter what names you teach young kids also relatives to call me, No matter what lies people have told or rumors they have spread including my name in it even if I wasn’t the one who said it or spread it…I get accused of it!!

If you find yourself thinking she means me. Then you don’t no me very well not at all. Because you see a valuable lesson for any and all to learn is that just when you think you know me it doesn’t mean you do! But it doesn’t give you or anyone the right to say hey , ” who knows who all she has told or what for that matter.”

It doesn’t give you the right to ignore me and make me feel like I am the worst person alive! Because I am not that person you accuse me of being I am not that person whom you call names and teach children to call names!!

In fact I believe that I much prefer not being the one who’s accused of doing things I didn’t do and people know what I am talking about.

Family drama sucks instead of pulling together as a family. We allow people to tell us rumors that aren’t true and then allow said rumor to become a truth in our minds because we would rather believe outsiders over our own family or even a family member whom is known to bend the truth to fit their needs.

It’s sad but true an event in ones life that should be happy has been made to be something the family has allowed to tear us apart!! And it sucks ASS( for lack of a nice way to say it) that we have allowed someone to spread things and accuse me or use me as their scape goat to do so.

Now more recently the person has come forward to announce whats going on with herself and still no one comes out and says congrats we are so happy for you.

Why well first because some thinks she done this on purpose and why because some don’t like the person she is with for reasons you have made clear and it just plain ass sad.

That we can’t pull up the big girl panties and just get along, and lets just face it everyone no one knows this person will always be a part of her life but we all ASSUME this to be the case.

Well SUCK IT UP Buttercup, because even if said person is a permanent fixture or not and even if they are hey guess what unless you invite them to come over and have supper or for christmas or whatever the only time you deal with that person is on birthdays so just deal and get along for a few hours it won’t kill anyone to do that for 1 day out of the year!

Now as for me yes I am 100% aware that people talk about me behind my back and I have been told that I have been the topic of countless conversations. Well in the words of Rhett Buttler ,”quite frankly my dear I don’t give a damn !”

I am a person who can keep secrets as obviously I have and continue to do to this very day on a daily basis. I can and will continue to be who I am and if you all don’t like it well to bad so sad for you !!

Life in the end is to short to allow people to make me feel bad about exisiting!! Live life to fullest and no matter what don’t allow people to never believe your own family !Don’t allow people to make you distrust everything and everyone , because in the end the only one who will have your back is your family!!

More recently found though that sometimes people, even in your own family would rather believe what others say about you than to listen to any truth thats out there to be had by simply going to that person and being upfront and honest about the whole situation.

Don’t judge other’s by what you hear from others including those you would normally not talk but only do because their pettiness feeds into the hate you have already boiling over in your heart towards a person you don’t even know!! But rather than going to the person and talking you take a known liars words to be the truth of it!

My life is to short to live in the past and the lies and hatred of others, and lord knows right now my life has a lot of hate coming from family members it’s sad to think you would allow someone even your own wife or husband or kids to lie about a sibling to others and take it and twist it to look like the person is as guilty as the lies would have you believe!

I often wonder, if times in my life would be different had granny and grandpa still been alive.

I do know one thing for sure ! People would not be being treated like dirt if they were still here on that you could count on to be true !

But life goes on even in my heart, as I am sadden beyond belief ! I sit here and say in my head and to no one imparticular, that one thing in our lives that should be happy for everyone in the family!! Has torn everyone apart, because of lies and deceit and hatered of one person!!

Can’t we all just get along and be adults!! Can’t we enjoy this new life to come ?

Obviously that is not what most of the masses wants and gossips and liars are allowed to make people unhappy and with this I leave you with one thought !!

Don’t become so full of hate and be hurtful to anyone because in the end that one person could be what makes someone else HAPPY and it doesn’t matter who approves !! So in the words of a dear friend

I’m walking into 2019 with a clear heart and mind…If you owe me, don’t worry about it – you’re welcome…

If you wronged me, it’s all good – lesson learned…

If you’re angry with me, you’ve won…

If we aren’t speaking, its cool
(I love you and I wish you well)…

If you feel I’ve wronged you, I apologize…
Life is too short for all the penned up anger, holding grudges and extra pain!…

Here’s to 2019!!!..Love to all Have a very merry Christmas and a
Happy New Years 2019..


So I have to keep holding out for a while longer but all good things are worth waiting for I promise you that much !!

This has become a wild and crazy ride but I can’t pretens it is and has been well worth it .

I would like to thank my sister Elizabeth Karnes who even though we butt heads and sometimes get down right pissed at each other. For pushing me to do the Hometown Throw Down last year in Stewardson IL.

Since doing that I have had people push me even further, by asking me to do birthday cakes and other types of cakes that required me to not only that you have to continually think outside that proverbial box , but you sometimes have to step outside your realm of comfort and dive head first into doing your own thing !

For me that ment learning how to not only carve cakes but how temperamental and unforgiving fondant can be! It also taught me, that you have to push yourself to do bigger and better than the next person !

Excuse the cliche but in the cake world its dog eat dog world , and it can be brutal. It can also add true meaning to a song I heard the line in it states ,”anything you can do I can do better.”

Well that means I have to push myself even further out of my comfort realm (zone) !! Yes designing your own cakes your own cake board and traveling cake container so it doesnt become a big pile of crumbs!

With me designing my own started because a friends of mine got married on of all days my wedding anniversary. Not intentionally they didn’t have any idea until I later told them. However, like anyone research is a must for me. What has everyone done in each of their cakes that is realivant to what I want to do?

Google great search tool, Pinterest is where it sent me also very helpful tool, and the first cake I designed had already been done by several hundred people..

Ok so here it is the real a$$ kicker, I absolutely didn’t like how it was done! The mention of fake cake makes me cringe, like someone has dragged their nails acrossed the proverbial chalk board !!! Also the mention of well you get very little cake out of this particular carved cake! Well when I seen how the cake board they used was made and all the logistics of it yeah made me me want to scream, why did you do that ??

Ok life size people!!! IS NOT IS NOT is ABSOLUTELY not 12×18 or 12×14!!! life size is actual size of a real bass or real instrument, in my case this was a bass!

That ment, having my friend trace her husbands bass and making myself a template for cutting out a unique shape for my cake board, because his is one of a kind, and it ment having to find a way to travel 2 to 2 1/2 hrs to get to destination without mishap.

OOOHHH AND If you think using fondant is a pain try doing a fake cake with it! So back to the designing part others in comparison to mine.

Lets start with their stand I absolutely do not agree with how they took their cake board about 1 inch to 2 inch up from the top of their guitar body cut it off, and then moved it down to even with the top of the body and fastened it on using two small pieces of pvc pipe and screws to attach it, then using it as a decrative piece . NO JUST NO PEOPLE !!!

I left mine whole!! No cutting this and reattaching it with that causing you to loose inches. Leave it alone, add the appropriate cake supports throughout your board! Yes you loose a few inches but you can use the neck as as cake space!!

Yes when making cake, every inch counts especially with carved. I don’t use fake cake to fill in rounded area I don’t want to deal with fake anything!! Gggaaa, I don’t want to deal with the headache of getting the fondant to adhere to a piece to Styrofoam. It is a pain in the backside!!

You have to literally slather the Styrofoam with Crisco shortening to help the fondant to stick to it and not only that edges on it can be very harsh on fondant and often canntear causing a repair to be needed . SO THANK YOU BUT NO THANK YOU!!!

I will pass and now the 2nd most important part to a standing guitar of any sort is the stand. Let’s face it if your stand is made cheap it won’t hold and the last thing you want with a cake you spent hours even days in most cases , is to have the stand to crash and burn! Causing you to loose the work you completed to go crashing to the floor and end up in the trash can !!

So I in turn not had to make my own I had to put thought into what exactly I expected from my stand . I will tell you thia after having gone over this a million times, I expected my stand to add to the beauty of the finshed cake not the biggest thing I expected but still and expectation! The biggest thing was I expected my stand to hold the cake and not fall over if tapped or bumped in the slightest. So my husband built it to bot only look aesthetically pleasing but it holds up to being bumped a bit without falling over ! Yes it can be knocked over so don’t get cute or smart about it. This stand was well built and like anything if bumped or knocked around enough it can get knocked over but please don’t do that as any cake person can tell you it does physically take days and hours to do these cakes!!

And so that ends with the cake being baked and carved and decorated and detailed as best as possible.

It hasn’t been easy but it has been wild and crazy, sometimes disappointing and I just wanted to tell everyone who has been with me through thick and this on this entire thing I appreciate the pushes and support from each and everyone of you because I would have given up if you hadn’t been there to keep on pushing !! And to my husband for putting up with my crazy ass ideas and helping build these things ! Without your help lord knows I’d probably have lost a few fingers I’m so not a power tool kinda person ! With this said a special thank you to my niece Sydnee Karnes for helping me to bake and carve up the cake and placing it on the cake board and thanks for helping get some of the fondant done for the last bass 🎸. When I got up the next day it wasn’t hard getting everything decorated and loaded up !!! It would have taken me all day of working on it to get it even remotely close to ready, and I can’t wait to have you come out and help again sometime ❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀

My Designs My cake right on down the cake board and stand ! With loads of firsts for me !

It’s been a while since I have done anything at all with this blog! So I decided to sit down and take you on a trip down memory lane. My most recent adventure of life .


This adventure started months and months ago. My dad had his apartment and an in home care person, her name is Audra Osborn, her husband is Oz Michael Osborn and he has a band called Crambone!


With this being said when they got married ( soon to be a year ago ) they got married on an island in Bahamas I think it was, I said hey I will make you guys a cake when you come back and have a reception.

It started out small me doing my research as I always do, and usually anyone can tell you i tend to overthink things. So i do research then i put things together and get what is needed to make this happen.Then it became wouldn’t it be cool if it was a shaped life size cake modeled after your husbands bass.

And so begins the adventure from that point I had Audra get me a traced pattern of his bass and then I made a template bought materials needed to make the cake board and stand.

I won’t pretend that we didn’t get stumped at various stages of making this stand and board, but not something we wouldn’t get together and brainstorm on!Mind you at this point of finish we had 2 weeks left before having to transport it to our destination of Ziggy’s Bar and Grill South Indianapolis.

Ziggy's Bar & Grill venue

It was a 2 1/2 he trip from our home to that destination. Lets take a few steps back, the night before we had to leave I am finishing up baking not only a life size Bass guitar but a life size amp!

At 3 a.m. I am so tired I didn’t notice my small dog Bella between my feet I was moving the amp to a transport crate, so all I’d have to do was load it and go 😭😭😭😭!!

Have you ever heard the old saying, “Don’t cry over spilled milk.” Well in my case it was don’t cry over dead cake!

Needless to say to avoid hurting her and myself the cake parished. I called Audra and said I’m done the cake has been ruined there will be no time to bake another! I’m going to bed and I will get up early bake 2 sheet cakes and I will have to icing it there.She said its all good, don’t worry I said but I do worry, I promised this cake plus this I have never ever failed to deliver what I promised.

I was beyond stressed out at this point. She assured me it was all good, just go to bed get some rest! Next morning I’m up after only 4 or 5 hrs sleep. Run to Effingham, get more fondant supplies, more food color, and redo a guitar and two sheet cakes. We were on the road shortly after 12 noon and headed to Indianapolis. Our destination was Ziggy’s Bar and Grill South Indianapolis.

We took what we like to call the scenic route. You know the path less traveled because that’s what happens when my husband drives loI. I really don’t care, because I hate long distance driving and I will take road trips as a passenger anywhere believe me as long as I don’t have to drive I am good!

On the way there I received a call from Audra she was like where are you at? Well give me a few ( me asking my husband ) hey where are we at in location to where we are headed well we had just gotten to Greenup IL.

Oh ok so your about 2 1/2 hrs from here I said ok well we should be there with more than enough time to spare and get it set up. Ok well please get the cakes covered its raining hard here. I said not raining here but thanks for the heads up.

I’m not sure how much time has passed but my phone rings again, and Audra again hey whats your location now ? Well we are in Brazil Indiana headed that way we should be there just before or little after 5. Ok hey, Oz says he wants to talk to you, ok no problem. Very sweet person he is like time to chill when you get a little closer text. I said ok, and we talked about the cake. And I told him and Audra both I was severely stressed and worried that no one was going to like this cake.Well don’t worry I think it looks better than your saying, and so I said just wait until you see it.

Well as we are driving the rest of the trip, I said be honest what do you really think. My husband says I was serious, he said at first no way will you pull this off it’s just not looking like a real guitar.

He said but, I walked out just to go to my workshop came back and I was thinking.” OMG THAT’S A GUITAR.” Well at least you nailed it and I most definitely not be ashamed to say my wife made this cake ! And I really think that they will

Finally we arrive and Audra is standing in front of Ziggys Bar and Grill South, she was excited she said some on lets go see it.

We get parked I am opening my van and she is like OMG THAT’S SO AWESOME !! She goes back up gets her husband Oz and makes him come out and see the cake along with several others.At this point its about getting finishing touches and getting it set up on the stand to be viewed.

I am honestly my own worst critic! As the night goes on, I notice alot of people are walking up and taking pictures, and it was then and there that the stress and anxiety of the whole thing just sorta of melted away.

It was like it had never caused me a bit of stress. We were given all sorts of compliments on how the cake looked and how they were looking forward to tasting it ! However this doesn’t end there, we then watch first a band, called Highway 9 preform. They were actually pretty good and I enjoyed being able to see them.

Next up my friend Audra’s husband and his band Crambone. Definatly worth going to see both Highway 9 and Crambone, they were both awesome!As the night becomes 2 am in the morning we are ready to go and I tell Audra to just bring the cake and my carrier with you. She said okay, so we pack up the stand, and we head out to get to our room. Only to get there and be told that we didn’t have a room check in time was at like 6 pm which we didn’t know. Well something happened and instead of our hotel getting word that we would check in after we left the venue and that have all been fine and good but they didn’t get the message so we were left without a room for the night.

So we go out I call Audra I am like look this place canceled our room because it was a 6 pm check in. What I said yeah its what they just told us and I am not happy now what are we going to do. She says wait what ? So I explained again that we got there and we have no room because they canceled our reservation.

She then gives the phone to Oz and I explain again what happened. He said ok let me call that number and we will with find you a room or someplace to stay with a friend of ours but I will call back from my phone.

I said ok I will wait right here for you to call back. He hangs up and it seemed like forever, before he finally calls back at this point he says come back to Ziggy’s we have a place for you to stay for the night.He says its with our friends Terry and Beth. I said ok, thank you we will be right back see you in a few. By the time we get back Audra has called the hotel same as the one we were booked at but in Beechgrove.

Well thats not a bad thing, but our hotel was in Southport just down the road from Ziggy’s. Its no big deal where the hotel is as long as we have a bed for the night !We get there and the lady behind the desk was absolute sweetheart she took our information we paid she told us where to go for our room and that was the end of the night. The next morning we got up and went to see the canal and then left to come back to Illinois.

It was a wonderful time and, I can’t wait to go back to see Crambone again really enjoyed the time there. We made new friends and met all kinds of new people! Sorry this is so long, in the end there was people who came to see my cake and enjoy the entertainment, we appreciate to love shown for the cake and all the kindness shown by one and all at Ziggy’s.

We also appreciate the offer to stay with Terry and Beth, thank you for the offer we do so appreciate it without even knowing us you were willing to allow is to stay with you and to me that speaks volumes about your kindness and generosity !!!


Also a big thank you once again goes out to Oz and Audra Osborn for getting us into Ziggy’s, if there is anyone out there that wants to get in touch with us, I will be sharing my contact info.